Art. 1105 AVOB
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Nice armoured cabinet La Maison (art.1105), decorated by carving in wood , gold leaf and patinating decorates every classic and refined interior.
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This cabinet has two sections: armoured and non armoured.
The safe occupies the upper internal part of the cabinet and has 6 chests and pendant’s supports for
Beads, chains, etc.
This safe has the 1st anti-theft grade.
The lower part is not armoured and has 11 chests for jewels, hand watches and other precious things

Dimensions (cm) 

-External dimensions 74 (L) х 50 (W) х 163(H)

Weight – 175 Kg

Finishing Types
  • Ivory Color with patinated gold
  • Ivory Color with patinated silver
  • Turquoise Color with patinated gold
Technical dates of safe (upper part):
  • Body : branded steel 6 mm
  • Biomentick Lock Key Pad (Austria)
  • Digital electronic locking system Touch Pad (Austria)
  • Internal upholstery: Alcantara
For maximum security this cabinet can be attache to the wall by inserted kit.

Decoration: manual carving in wood and patinating.

Accessories: made on special design from polished brass covered by 14 carat gold .